Marital Therapy May Increase Sex

Posted by Sharon Jackson

A U.S. survey of counseling professionals recently found that the top reason couples fight is not about sex and money, but that neither partner feels important or valued by the other.  The survey, “Marital Therapy May Increase Sex.” 

Dr. Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D [Marriage and Family therapist] has this to say about whether Marital therapy may increase sex:  “It’s true that more frequent intimacy can be the result of a successful marital therapy experience because the underlying problems causing the alienation have been addressed.  But the issues for relationships in trouble are complicated.  And sometimes one of the partners is already emotionally out the door and is coming for sessions to appease the other partner or because there are children involved.  So much depends on factors such as the duration of the marital difficulties, whether infidelity is an issue, if both partners are committed to saving the marriage and how invested each is in being right. So saying that marital therapy may increase sex is misleading, an oversimplification and doesn’t do the subject justice.”


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