Testimonies from members of the CoupleWise Mobile App- Alpha (formerly known as OurCoupleSpace)

As soon as we first signed up for the site and began using it, it was of great value.  We communicated more and I think the stress level in our relationship went down….  The site is great for sending me reminders…. and we now have a better idea of what each other is longing for.

— Todd K. (Chicago, IL)

OurCoupleSpace is a fantastic tool for anyone in a relationship.  It opened the lines of communication between my husband and myself, was quick and easy to use, and in minutes helped us create solutions that really worked.  I have already recommended it to several of my friends.

— Lisa, Marriage Therapist (San Jose, CA)

Thanks again for this, it is already helping our relationship and we have only been members for a week.

— Wendy K. (Chicago, IL)

Now that we are getting the e-mail reminders with each other’s agreements and satisfaction graphs,  we have already started to make small but noticeable changes. I also feel more free to tell her exactly how I feel on this system, more so than in person because sometimes what I have to say comes off harsher than if I let her read it through OurCoupleSpace’s feedback method.

— Tom M. (Chicago, IL)

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to try out your program. My boy friend was at first skeptical and there was a bit too much to read at the start, but once we tried it out, it really had an immediate effect of improving our relationship by getting us to be much clearer and more honest about our needs, and because of that, we are now communicating much more about what is most important to us.

— Lani V. (CA)

I wish I had had OurCoupleSpace when I was married. I thought everything was fine then, and then one day, BAM! my wife suddenly decides it’s over. I had no warning whatsoever. OurCoupleSpace’s “wakeup call” tool would probably have saved my marriage.

— Marvin D. (Minneapolis, MN)

CoupleSpace offers a unique and valuable opportunity for couples at any stage of their relationship. As a clinician and therapist, I was initially skeptical about the viability of such a project but after using it with my partner; I am convinced of its effectiveness. Specifically, the behavioral applications: positive strokes and action agreement prove extremely helpful as they take the work out of just “talking” creating actual goals to accomplish and do. Personally, my partner and I found that doing the [confidential] process had the greatest impact on our relationship. Simply looking at the differentials not only told me things about my partner I wasn’t aware of (e.g. the needs he holds most valued), but gave me real direction as to where to place my efforts to create real change and improvement in our relationship overall.

Again I was unsure about the usefulness of “online intervention,”but again after utilizing the tools CoupleSpace offers,  I am not only sold as to the possibility of the site’s effectiveness but I think that it proves that the internet is an excellent vehicle for therapeutic intervention.

We are all so “plugged into” technologies, all in the name of ‘making our life easier’ and improving our level of functioning, but I doubt this will happen unless we are ‘plugged-into” the important relationships in our lives…I think CoupleSpace is a technology that can make that possible and even go one step further by actually improving upon those relationships. I think this is an excellent therapeutic tool, something I would both recommend to others and use in my own romantic relationship.

Thank you

— Karyn R., Therapist (New York City, NY)

I am a NYC firefighter and I really found CoupleSpace helpful and enlightening in terms of how I think about my relationship with my girlfriend. The visuals and ease of use of the site is impressive. In terms of the ‘help’ that the site offers I especially like the Positive Strokes because they create a balance in terms of how our energy is spent, for example I get to express the things I really enjoy doing and she uses it as a reward…its reciprocity. Also, with CoupleSpace we create goals together, which is great. To me it is a non confrontational way to express your desires and goals. Overall, it’s a fun and a proactive way to work on your relationship. I feel like a lot of times when people are struggling in their relationships they feel afraid to tell their partner because they fear the immediate negative reaction, but the ability to introduce sensitive topics through the site in a way that feels non aggressive way, I think resolves that problem. Not to mention that I really like the aspect of integrating all my social networking technologies into something so productive…working on my relationship.

— Mark Doran, Firefighter (New York City, NY)

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